- Booking Information

About your booking

  • You may make enquiries by email, Facebook and telephone however it is always best to visit us in the studio.

  • By discussing your ideas face to face we can go through the details of your desired design, size and placement.
  • This will enable us to match you with the right artist and give you an accurate quote on time and price.

  • Our walk in artist takes bookings over the phone and online though these are subject to change if there is no deposit to secure the slot.

  • To make a confirmed booking you will need to visit the studio to finalise details and leave a deposit.

  • We require a £20 deposit for each hour that is booked.

  • A minimum of 48 hours notice is required should you need to cancel or rebook your appointment. Failure to give this notice will result in the loss of your deposit.

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your tattoo time.

  • Should you run late without letting us know, your appointment and deposit will be forfeit.

* Please note :
  •  We will refuse service if you are intoxicated regardless to if you are booked in or requesting a walk in appointment. In the event that you are pre booked with a deposit, your deposit will be lost.

  • If we request to see your I.D and you are unable to provide us with it, we will have to refuse service and again, if you are pre booked, your deposit will be lost


Preparing for your tattoo

Please consult both your doctor and your artist if any of the following apply to you:
  • If you suffer from any long term illness or ailment or have done recently.

  • If you take any regular medication

  • If you have recently finished a course of medication 

    In the week leading up to your appointment:
  • Keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

  • Eat well and make sure you are rested

  • Moisturise the area daily with cocoa butter.

  • Be sure to wash regularly and make sure your skin is clean on the day of your appointment.

Please avoid:
  • Use of any self tanning products or hair removal products on your skin.

  • Heavy alcohol consumption (especially within the 48hours leading up to your tattoo)

  • Coming strait from work without rest in between

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