- Tattoo Advice

Preparing for your tattoo

Please consult both your doctor and your artist if any of the following apply to you:

  • If you suffer from any long term illness or ailment or have done recently.

  • If you take any regular medication

  • If you have recently finished a course of medication 


In the week leading up to your appointment:

  • Keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

  • Eat well and make sure you are rested

  • Moisturise the area daily with cocoa butter.

  • Be sure to wash regularly and make sure your skin is clean on the day of your appointment.

Please avoid:

  • Use of any self tanning products or hair removal products on your skin.

  • Heavy alcohol consumption (especially within the 48hours leading up to your tattoo)

  • Coming strait from work without rest in between



Your artist will wrap your tattoo with cling film. 

  • Leave this on for 1 - 2 hours

  • Once removed, clean the area with water and kitchen roll to remove any excess ink or blood and pat dry, again, with kitchen roll.

  • Allow your tattoo to settle and "breathe" for at least 24 hours before applying cream.

  • the aim of using cream is to keep the skin hydrated so use sparingly as needed.

  • we recommend either Bepanthen or Plalmers Cocoa Butter in small amounts, used as a moisturiser.

  • if your job requires you to get dirty or dusty, be sure to keep the area covered with lose clothing.
DO NOT re cover with cling film.


Things to avoid during healing

  • Soaking your tattoo in water for prolonged periods.

  • Use of swimming pools and the sea.

  • Self tanning products, use of sun beds and excessive exposure to sunlight.
    (Once healed use factor 50+ sun cream on our tattoo to prevent premature fading)

  • Shaving or using hair removal products in the area.

  • Coming into contact with dirt, dust or harsh chemicals.

  • Do not pick or scratch your new tattoo while healing as this can result in loss of ink and scaring.


Touch ups

In most cases we offer the first touch up session for free.
This however does not apply to tattoos on the hands and feet, touch up sessions on these areas will be set at minimum charge (£30)

* Upon booking in for a tattoo on the hands or feet your artist will advise you that fading and loss of ink is unavoidable in these areas during the healing process.

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